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Is making debates based on subjects in philosophy you are going over, bad?

I am taking a philosophy class and I am thinking of making various debates over various issues in order to enhance myself in the class a bit. I want your opinions though, is that immoral? Is that in some indirect way, cheating somehow? I don't know why I think so, but part of me kind of feels that it might.


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It's intellectually a cop-out.

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zephyr20x6(2386) Disputed
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How so? If I want to have my viewpoint challenged, isn't that what philosophy is all about? To train yourself to think more efficiently? Isn't that how philosophy is practiced? It would be bad, if I attempted to simply fish out arguments that I can use, and it would be extremely lazy on my part, but that is not what I would be using this site for, I would be using this site to challenge my way of thinking, not plagiarize other people's arguments.

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Hitler(2364) Disputed
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That's what they all say.

Then they see a flawless argument and want to be worshipped in the philosophy community.

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Making debates with all of the trolls on here will probably be a bad idea. We aren't in your class, so it isn't unethical.

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What degree are you studying?

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Right now I am just getting general science degree, or perhaps just general education. I am not totally sure what I want to do, I've contemplated going into psychology, philosophy, or physics, now I'm leaning towards physics v.s. philosophy, having intro to philosophy and intro to psychology this semester.

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In my experience intro to philosophy should be taken before your required English classes. Learning what is required in basic English classes would go smoother if the instructor did not have to address issues of values of the language used or how warranting statements work. The English class instructor can focus on what their classes goal, that is the academic structure required of college papers. Philosophy is the nuts and bolts of what you will write about working together.

I do not see making debates here as 'bad' or against academic integrity if you are using this site to flesh out ideas. Generally in philosophy classes you are to do this in class discussions but it doesn't hurt to have a little perspective going in. As long as you don't just plagiarize someones arguments you will be fine. As always discuss the idea with your instructor if you think there is a grey area, you know your teacher better than I.

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You'd be cheating yourself by not taking the opportunity to refine your knowledge.

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