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im no sucker i believe in miracles
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Is the lottery rigged?

do any of you actually know somebody that has won one of the big ones? or at least somebody that know somebody good? 

the lottery has been around for quite a long while now, and being that it is fact a "small world" we should all know somebody that has hit it big.

25 years ago, one of my friends parents won around 70k...thats as much proof that i have it isnt completely rigged.

most states have a new drawing every week....thats a lot of millionaires...who the fuck are they and why don twe know any of them?

my theory is "they" (the aliens, jews, etc) are rigging it to where only the elitists sure on occasion they will let one of the slaves get a piece just so we continue to believe.


im no sucker

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i believe in miracles

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Most times no one wins; you have to guess a very unlikely combo of numbers and not everyone can be fucked to enter.

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My great aunt won the lottery, so… disproven right there.

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"great aunt"? so according to much did the bitch win?

if she won over 50 million, then it may be proven...but not if its a small sum like i talked about in the description. then im still calling bullshit on the lottery

Side: im no sucker
NewVoice(41) Disputed
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She won about 60 million. What sucks is she spent it all for herself, and we only got about 1 million when she died. Oh well...

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