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Is this an accurate description of the differences between the male and female brains?

Men's brains are, are very unique. Men's brains are made up of little boxes. And we have a box for everything. We've got a box for the car. We've got a box for the money. We've got a box for the job. We've got a box for you. We've got a box for the kids. We've got a box for your mother somewhere in the basement. We got, we got, we, we got boxes everywhere. And, and the rule is the boxes don't touch. When a man discusses a particular subject we go to that particular box. We pull that box out. We open the box. We discuss only what is in that box, alright? And, and, and, and then we close the box and put it away being very, very careful not to touch any other boxes.

Now women's brains are very, very different from men's brains. Women's brains are made up of a big ball of wire. And everything is connected to everything. The money is connected to the car and the car is connected to your job and your kids are connected to your mother and everything's connected to everything ....

Now men, we have a box in our brain that most women are not aware of. This particular box has nothing in it. It's true. It's true. In fact, we call it the nothing box. And of all the boxes a man has in his brain the nothing box is our favorite box. If a man has a chance, he'll go to his nothing box every time.


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Side Score: 3

I'm in my nothing box right now ;)

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Yeah. Pretty much. That explains it really well. Women are like "But then this, and this, and this could happen" and connect everything together, even if it doesn't. Men are more direct.

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