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Yup! Wait..., what? No!!!
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Is this what men think when saurbaby washes her hair?



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Wait..., what? No!!!

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It was in the movie so it must b true. ;)

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oh joe do you ever stop? .

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No...., not really...., no. Why ;)

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I bet that is what men think when she washes her hair.

You got that off of that is a good website where the funniest memes are showed!

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Oh Joe, if you want to see me wash my hair you could have just asked ;)

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OK..., so..., can I see you wash your hair? ;)

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Of course you can Joe. Just meet me one day, in the middle of the night... ;)

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I think Saurbaby's ass should have it's own account... why not? Multiple accounts seem to be all the rage lately.

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hahahah, but no.

i don't think about her washing her hair because washing hair has nothing to do with debates.

even being drunk, at this moment (and you know it, because only drunk people advertise that they're drunk) makes me think "eh, w/es yo, what's that argument like?"

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