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It is not natural for humans to be strict vegetarians

Human physiology tells us that humans are omnivores.

Anyone who tells you that a strict vegetarian diet is a natural human diet

is either lying or doesn't know what they are talking about.


No one who has lived past 100 years of age was a strict vegetarian.

Anyone who tells you that a strict vegetarian diet is healthier for you

is either lying or doesn't know what they are talking about.


Liars are not vegetarians and vegetarians are not liars.

Therefore, vegetarians don't know what they're talking about.


This is not a for and against debate

because there is not way anyone can argue that

a strict vegetarian diet is a natural human diet.

Our bodies are designed to include meat in our diet.

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Are strict vegan women allowed to swallow sperm? Just asking ;)

ChadOnSunday(1863) Clarified
1 point

I've dated both vegetarians and vegans... their food related beliefs never impaired them in that area.

Though I used to give them shit for it.

But hey, gotta get your protein, somehow.

joecavalry(39822) Clarified
1 point

So..., are you saying you fed them hotdog and milk before putting them to bed ;)

I'm betting that there aren't very many vegetarians on this site..., so it should be relatively safe to pick on them ;)

joecavalry(39822) Clarified
1 point

I don't expect heavy resistance ;)

joecavalry(39822) Clarified
1 point

This should be a low volume debate ;)

If we would evolve as only veggies, we wouldn't be able to proceed meat. End of story.

You really should not walk and type on your iPad..., too many typos ;)

1 point

On the point of living past 100, who the hell would want to?

If there were only 2 life form left on this planet, one vegetarian and the other one not a vegetarian..., the non vegetarian would live longer ;)

1 point

Take a look at teeth in humans. They are not only designed for vegetables, they are designed to tear flesh. I think that is proof enough.

1 point

Yeah, besides, the digestive system of humans can only get a few amounts of cellulose. When we eat vegetables, our digestive system finds it hard to absorb those parts.

1 point

Hmm.. There are people who are called Vegans.. They only eat vegetables. But at some point in their life, they also eat meat. Especially if they dont have a choice anymore. Maybe back when they were kids, they also ate meat, and they just changed to vegans now. Vegetarians are a different thing, they love eating vegetables, but that doesnt mean that they are in a strict diet with just eating vegetables.

This debate has already been up for nearly half an hour and still...., no vegetarians. One can only conclude that either:

1. Vegetarians lack the energy to get up early in the morning.

2. There are no vegetarians on this site.

Elvira(3446) Clarified
1 point

I'm here.

Okay, first: CANNIBALISM IS NATURAL. Which we all accept as immoral. Chimps eat chimps. Cannibal races existed like Aztecs and Mayans and Fijians...

Cannibalism is not immoral. It is taboo. Mainly because of the threat of disease. But that never stopped me from eating a wo.... ooops...., PG site ;)