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 Joe wants to know why people come here to debate? (27)

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Joe wants to know why people come here to debate?

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I come here to troll you guys..., but in a good way..., I already have enough points ;)

At first, it was the points, now it is just to continue to follow the greatest troll known as Joecavalry and teach economics to idiots.

It's a dirty job but..., someone has to do it ;)

2 points

I got lost on the internet and haven't found a way to escape this site yet.

2 points

Because so far... Andy hasn't kicked me off the site like others have. Thank you Andy, I know your finger has probably hovered over the 'Ban Hellno' button at least a coupe times. :D

2 points

So I can feel all smart and shit without people realising I'm actually a complete dumbass...

There are other debate sites (not that I want people to leave ;)

2 points

Oddly enough, I was researching some political issue and a page from this site came up, so I checked it out ...the rest is history. And, of course, everyone likes to make fun of the libs.

1 point

Just for intellectual discussion for the sake of it. I honestly don't care about points.

There are other debate sites (not that I want people to leave ;)

1 point

I know. I'm a member of all of the well-established ones. :)

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Because I'm bored and lonely and need to do something when I'm home and drunk.

And the other sites I have found are way to formal for my tastes. I shouldn't have to say "In Conclusion" at the end of every butt-whooping I dish out. Can you imagine if boxers did that?

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Because I like it. I find it useful, educational, methodical and unstructured all at the same time. It is a social experience.

For me it is Zen!

Well..., if you think the picture could be used to attract newbies.... ;)

1 point

I really like debating. I like fighting, with words as my weapon.

My friends do not share this 'hobby' or what you call it, so why not CD? :)

There are other debate sites (not that I want people to leave ;)

1 point

Yeah, I googled debating site - this one popped up, and I thought what the hell?!

Hmm, why would I come to creatdebate... could the answer be in the name of the sight maybe?

There are other debate sites (not that I want people to leave ;)

Because I'm a belligerent prick.

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I seriously don't know why I am still here on. I should have just moved on and left a long time ago and never went back on and I still don't know why I am still going on.

I am here because as a Christian it is my responsibility to educate heathens and rid the world of sinners. Here at CD I can kill two birds with one stone.

Cynical(1948) Disputed
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How utterly laughable. Most atheists are educated.

Thewayitis(4071) Disputed
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Do you consider yourself an atheist? What I wrote is sarcasm and yet the so called educated takes it literally. The atheists' society needs to find a new spokesperson in order to be taken seriously. What is utterly laughable is you.

1 point

I've never cared about points. I just like voicing my opinion. ...and pissing off liberals lets be honest.

Also, in an online debate people can't find cheap little ways to cheat. You have all the time you need to think without getting flustered, nobody can cut you off. It's really the most fair way to debate if you think about it.

And if you think this site is chaotic well, you know what the joker says about chaos.. it's fair. (;