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True. Say whaaaat?
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Kids should go and play outside instead of sitting in front of a computer on the internet

When kids go out to play, they are interacting with "real" people, not female puppet accounts controlled by men.  When you interact with "real" live people, you get a clearer picture of exactly what/who you're dealing with, not some creepy dude in his underwear.


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Say whaaaat?

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I do both... I'm in my backyard on my laptop.

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I do go outside and play basketball by myself and sometimes with my brothers. I also hangout with my friends a lot.

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OK, then I think there's hope for you yet. Just make sure to stare at a lot of cleavage. It may not help but it surely won't hurt ;)

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Why would I want to stare at a lot of cleavage?

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I agree. But you would think after being on the internet for so long for a couple of years that kids would figure out that their are some lonely freaks online pretending to be girls...meh

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Say What! I just responded to this side cause it reminds me of this: But im not a kid

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