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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Learn from your parents' mistakes, use abortion as birth control, it's more effective.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Birth control is only 99% effective. Abortion is 100% effective. Many of you should have been aborted..., if only to reduce rush hour congestion ;)

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I thought the point was to prevent the pregnancy. With an abortion you still got pregnant. Either way abortion prevent 0% of pregnancies. Birth controp is at 99%. No sex is at 100%. Oreos are at 101%.

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I didn't know Oreos were in the running. Now I'll have to change my answer ;)

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I would imagine birth control to be much more effective because you actually dont have to let the egg grow. You also dont have to pay for the abortion.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
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Abortion is NOT a form of Birth Control. Condoms, the pill, the patch, those kind of things are forms of birth control. People just can't run around aborting!!!

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No. You are right. You just cannot run around aborting. You actually have to lay down on a table in order to abort. ;)

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Wow. ha



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