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 Let's play the, If You Laugh, You Lose Game (13)

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Let's play the, If You Laugh, You Lose Game

This game is to be played on the Honor System.

If you laugh at any point in the video

you lose and you must specify what made you laugh.

If you don't laugh

you have no sense of humor.

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I laughed at the blue eyed dog that was being tempted with cupcakes ;)

1 point

I lost it when Data got the BSD :)


1 point

Lol, I laughed at the chuck norris clip.

1 point

Ya I lost it when the birthday boy had a knife lol

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1 point

Didn't laugh once, the whole video was just pathetic. Is that the point of this troll debate? To read the title and description, then expect something funny, but all you get is this ridiculous crap?

Even if it were funny the background noise is just far too disgusting.

Funny, and better music too.
AREKKUSU(275) Clarified
1 point

Myeah... I don't consider that one to be any better then the one than came with this 'debate'

Good thing I didn't come on blazed, other wise I would have lost.

I lost it at the dog having PTSD flashbacks to Nam XD hahahaha

1 point

I didn't laugh at all through them, they weren't really that funny.

I laughed at the guy and the cat in cars...but I didn't laugh at anything else (although i cam really close.)

1 point

Apparently I have no sense of humor... I'm offended. D: Sad face.

1 point

The cat and the hat got me hahahaha.....................................................

1 point

OK, while I was ready with a smile by the electric line towers doing the jump rope thing, the little devil birthday kid with is knife all Jack Nicholson like just made me roll!

1 point

i didn't laugh i haven't got a sense of humor, which i find weird because i usually laugh at these :S