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True. Wait..., oh..., yeah.
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Life does not get better by chance - life gets better by choosing change.


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Wait..., oh..., yeah.

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Once I started accepting and collecting as much lose change as I could get my hands on, things got considerably better ;)

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"Lol... I will just sit on my butt and life will get better by itself."

Said every Hobo ever.

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Man, another lib debate supporting Obama. Haven't we had enough?

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Fething character length requirments...should have just gave you a +1...

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Lots of people have good positions and well being simply because it fell on their lap without them even choosing it.

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dropigy(230) Disputed
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Lots of people have good positions because they fought to get them too so what the hell is your point?

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My point is that life does get better by chance because of how many people have good lives because of it.

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The statement is untrue. Life sometimes does get better by chance.

Certainly, making a choice and working towards it is a generally more effective way to improve ones life than simple chance, but that's not the same as what the debate asserts.

If it were worded "Life rarely gets better by chance, and more frequently by choosing change" I could support it.

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Life most certainly can get better by choosing change rather than doing nothing. But rarely people do get windfalls. So based on the tiniest chance of lady luck I am posting on this side. Woe be the person who plays these odds for change though!

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