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Life, the Universe and Everything... according to joe

Let's say we could take everything that exists and put it in a jar. Everything right after the Big Bang. Everything before there was life. The elements in the periodic table. Energy. Light. Everything.

Now that is a closed system. You can call this closed system either God or Nature or Universe. I'll call it GNU.

Now GNU decides that it is going to take parts of itself to create a single cell that basically moves around, and consumes other parts of GNU..., transforming those other parts into energy (so it can continue moving and consuming) and leaving behind waste.

Now GNU is like, "WTF? There's poop on me!" So it creates something to eat the poop but that thing just creates more poop. So GNU creates something to eat the first 2 things it created in order to stop them from creating poop but it too creates poop. So in desperation, GNU creates death. And in death, the poop makers return to their original state and are reunited with GNU.

Except that is not where my story ends. It just doesn't end like that.

GNU then creates a creature that is sentient and is able to think for itself. It creates a poop maker that can create original thoughts.  A poop maker capable of coming up with poop like..., "Let's say we could take everything that exists and put it in a jar...."

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Wisdom will give you morals.

knowledge will give you truth.

Truth will give you freedom.

Free knowledge will give you wisdom. ;)

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Praise GNU .

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Why can't they just poop outside the jar?

Closed system ;)

Live free or die ;)

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Joe, I don't even fully read your posts anymore. Especially your "debates".... Just kinda skim through like "yeah, yeah....."

You've mastered the troll, you've got all the troll medals I can think of....

So you've now lost a reader from me... .Don't worry Joe, you've got yourself to continue reading your posts....

I will try to keep it down to one liners..., just for you ;)

That must be some pretty good weed... Or whatever the hell you are smoking. Joe, what are you on and where can I get some?

Sounds like a whole lot of crap to me .

Did you expect something different ;)

Sadly, no .

A poop maker that create other poop makers (cars, factories, etc.).