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Men should have the right to chose whether or not to be a parent.

Women have the right to chose whether or not to be a parent.

Women have the right to chose an abortion

when they chose they do not want to be a parent.

Men should be given the same right.

If a man choses not to be a parent,

he should NOT be responsible for child support.

If you think that the man should have kept it in his pants,

then you should also think that the woman should have kept her legs closed.

If she can't afford to raise the child on her own,

she should chose either abortion or adoption.

The tax payer should not be on the hook for

her abortion nor should they be on the hook to

pay her to raise the child.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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The bleeding hearts are the first to enslave a man ;)

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As I proposed a few months ago that got Zombee real pissed off (also because she thought I meant holding women down to be forced to give birth or have an abortion) was a private contract between consenting parties. Automatically, the fetus belongs solely to the woman. However, to get impregnated a couple could sign a contract on the terms and conditions of the child. He could be the legal father as long as she doesn't abort it. Shit like that.

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I agree 100% with this. Men should be able to decide whether or not they want to be a parent.

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On the one hand I think it would only be fair for men to have the "choice" just like women get a "choice"; that would be true equality. But in reality there would be a lot more bastard children running around if "all things were equal", I'm more concerned with what's fair for the child not the irresponsible parents. Women currently get to make poor choices, sleep around and if they accidentally get pregnant they can have an abortion, that is unless they are "in love" with the man and they can use the baby to control him or unless the man has a bright future and they decide to keep the child for the economic windfall. I don't think men should behave like women though, we should set the example, not stoop to their level. I keep hearing about the male birth control pill yet for years it has been stalled by FDA approval with no reason for the delay given to the public. If this were a "woman's rights" issue it would receive expedited approval. In reality the extremist feminists probably consider this wonder drug as the most powerful tool in the war against women because it takes the sting out of the only real power god gave them, their vaginas.

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As soon as men are pushing this child through their vaginas, then yes, they may have an opinion.

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I think you chose the wrong column ;)

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Eh I honestly don't pay attention anymore, Joe. I've been on here, what, three years? Yeah the fucks I gave are long gone, ahahaha.

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I believe that men don't have an option. The moment they have sex and the his partner gets pregnant then...he is fully responsible. If he doesn't want to be a father then...don't have sex. Its that simple. Every action has a consequence.

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How about women? Do they have an option? And if so..., why the one way street ;)

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GlaDos(41) Clarified
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I would say also women have a role in this....same thing I guess...if you don't want to be a parent then don't have sex. :P

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