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Moral vs legal

Let's say I'm walking down the street and I see a poor, bedraggled person laying up against a building and they look as if they haven't had any food in days. So in my compassion for this person, I take out the gun I'm carrying and accost the first person I see and make them hand over all of their money which I then give to this poor person. Is that OK? Keep in mind that I acted out of compassion. But I would have been a thief, right? And that's neither moral or legal. But let's say there are several people standing by who think that it was OK for me to do that since this poor person needed help. Does that make it right and moral and legal? No! But when Congress decides to take the money that we have worked for and give it to someone who has less than us, for whatever reason, then it's legal, right? But is it moral? Slavery was legal, but was it moral? When the Germans killed the Jews, that was legal for them, but was it moral? And if we accept money or goods that Congress took from others and gives it to us, is that moral?


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Morality doesn't seem to have any meaning anymore. Morality is whatever we want it to be. If we don't feel moral about having an abortion, then we change the definition of what a baby is. It's all very arbitrary.

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I don't think your example is accurate. Allow me to give you a better one.

Let's say me and a group of 7 friends are walking and we see a little homeless girl on the street. 2 of the friends want to just leave but the other 6 decide that we should do something to help. So after a vote the group decides that we all need to help out. The two that didn't want to donate are a little bitter about it, however, but in the end we are able to help the girl with our combined efforts.

You see, the money that we are agreeing to donate isn't from other people, it is from us too. In addition your argument that only poor people vote for policies like this is BS.

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In addition your argument that only poor people vote for policies like this is BS.

No, not only poor people vote for policies like this. Bleeding heart liberals vote for them too ;)

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Haha...sorry I'm not trying to let those people who have almost nothing to survive with die. I guess I'm just a bleeding heart.

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ThePyg(6738) Disputed
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They're bitter about it and they refuse. So then you pull out a gun and tell them that they HAVE to give money to the homeless girl. The ones who voted yes are fine with it because they feel it's the right thing to do. The two who didn't want to, however, are pretty pissed that you just forced them to give up their hard earned work to some random jackhole on the street.

same shit.

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Social contracts are what we agree to in order for society to function. We give up a small amount of freedom to help everyone in society. We are fortunate to live in a society in which we can choose the extent to which we do this, and we are free to express our views on how this should be done.

Claiming that we put a gun to someone's head though is ridiculous. There are people who don't want to pay for public education, and probably people who don't want to pay for roads, but thankfully their not allowed to just opt out, otherwise our society would collapse.

There are better, very legitimate arguments for why we shouldn't have welfare (or at least reduce the amount provided) than just the whole "it's like stealing" thing.

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In the context of your argument you'll recieve both good and bad karma for your actions.

You did good by helping this person out, but bad for mugging somebody else (who now might become homeless and starving lol) and each action will have it's impact into society which in the long run will effect you.

If everybody gave food to the starving (willingly) then the world would be a better place.

But people don't want a better world do they?

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If there's a God, people would say that He created this mess (although I would argue that people created this mess). Either way, it's God's job. He came down to save us once, so.... it's his job. Prophecy says that he'll come again, so it's his job. So..., if it's His job, then let him do His job. He's the one who knows what's best and how to do it. I don't want any part of it. I hate people as it is anyway so.... ;)

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We'll sit with our thumbs up our asses and wait for God to come down and save us all.


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Currently it might be legal but laws can change and it shouldn't be legal.

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Do you have a 'carry permit'? They are required in California.

So, you wanna be a modern-day Robin Hood, eh?

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OMG! That would be so cool!!! Someone would say something liberal and I would whip out my unloaded gun and say, "Excuse me?" and they would crap their pants ;)

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