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 Most Disappointing Film? (22)

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Most Disappointing Film?

Not the worst movie you've seen (although it theoretically could be). But a film that you went into with high hopes and expectations, only to have those hopes dashed expertly.

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2 points

I know my answer isn't exactly original, but I'm going to have to go with Episode I: the Phantom Menace.

Hitler(2364) Disputed
2 points

I fucking love Star Wars! HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT IT?!

MuckaMcCaw(1968) Disputed
1 point

The Original Trilogy was great.

Episodes 2 and 3 had their awful moments, but they made up for it with incredible fight and chase scenes and both had strong finales.

Episode 1 was riddled start to finish with retarded dialog, characters who were either super-boring or super-annoying, unrepentant pandering to children (the OT was fun and youthful, but aside from the Ewoks it never got childish), unnecessary and ill-conceived plot devices (mitochloriants and Annakin's "virgin birth"), it ignored not only the Expanded Universe but even some of the aspects that George Lucas himself created in the OT, and its finale was lazy, dumb and unoriginal. The best thing it had going for it was Darth Maul. He could have been the perfect foil for the whole trilogy, and could have played a huge role in transforming Anakin to Vader. Instead....he died.

Almost everything that made the OT brilliant was neutered, ignored or bastardized. I mean I know Lucas was out of practice...but he had 15 years to make this awesome and instead we get a nonsensical script that could have been thrown together a week before they started filming.

2 points

Gravity. I thought it would be really good but it wasn't.

im going to agree with jesus freak on this one...gravity was complete shit...if there were a god, that writer and director would have been abortions

2 points

Probably The Matrix Revolutions. Such a disappointment considering how innovative and thought-provoking the first movie was.

1 point

2001: A Space Odyssey. I don't know how I was able to sit through the whole thing. Just getting past the first 13 minutes without dialogue was tough enough.

hall o ween 3...................

Only God Forgives, you know the one with Ryan Gosling in. I fought it was going to be great but it was the second from worst film I have ever watched.

1 point

it wasnt that bad...much of it you probably didnt understand...and what made you think it was going to be great?..your secret crush for the notebook stud? lol...even the title is good/considering the movie plot...and thats coming from a hardcore atheist. the scene where ryan holds out his arms but we dont get to see it, thats pimp...and the ending, you have to admire the main asian bad ass signing at the end...what does that say? there is a meaning to it....

1 point

It was truly dreadful and was so weird and the plot was terrible and it was so gory it was hard to watch.

At least I had something nice to look at (Ryan) through out the film lol.

1 point

Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Boring as fuck, first one was way better the new director is shit even though everyone I know thinks the opposite.

1 point

you expected it to be good?...the first one was sucked too for the most part...

Hitler(2364) Disputed
1 point

First one was epic.

1 point

percy jackson and the lightening theif

1 point

The master of disguise or the Artist. The only two movies I have ever walked out on.

The sequel to THE EXORCIST. It was The Heretic. I went inside the theater hoping to see somewhat of a satisfactory sequel to the original but left the theater so disappointed.