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Emma Watson High Speed internet
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OK - inside you'll find your options. You know what to do.


Life is a series of choices.

Chose well.

Emma Watson

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High Speed internet

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This is why you should stay in school; so that when these choices come along, you don't have to sleep with Daniel Radcliffe because you make enough damn money to pay for your High Speed Internet and then you are free to do Emma Watson for week (assuming you have saved up enough vacation time ;).

Side: Emma Watson

neither choice, Emma Watson isn't even that hot or cute. I suppose if I had to choose however I would go with having sex with Watson. Homosexual guys and heterosexual women get lucky ;).

Side: Emma Watson
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It doesn't say I have to use the dial-up. And doesn't say I can only have dial up.

Side: Emma Watson

Easy. Danny, bend over.

Why? Because a week of good sex, even GREAT sex, does not compensate for a lifetime of frustration with dialup. I have no reason to suspect that Emma Watson has some kind of sexual superpower that causes the period of satisfaction after sex to be significantly longer than usual. No matter how good the sex was, after a matter of days (MAYBE weeks) the frustration with dialup would outstrip the satisfaction of the sex.

I'd get hammered, plow Radcliffe sufficiently to meet my end of the deal, and then get on with my life.

Edit: Just to clarify, dialup today is, in practice, FAR slower than dialup was when dialup was the big thing, because websites are designed with broadband in mind. Check out this article that explores load times for a number of popular modern webpages to see what you'd be dealing with on dialup.

Side: High Speed internet

Actually, in this scenario, you would be playing catcher ;)

Side: High Speed internet
thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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Ok, so triple the booze order then. I'm pretty sure I've taken dumps bigger than Radcliffe anyway :b

Side: Emma Watson