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 Obama Girl Goes to the dark side. (18)

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Obama Girl Goes to the dark side.

It was only a matter of time.

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I think Obama Girl is finally coming around to the conclusion that the Democrat Party is the party for ugly girls. Maybe she'll do a video with Carrie Prejean ;) Is_the_Democrat_party_the_party_for_ugly_women

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Had to be a Joe debate. I knew it. lol

The dark side? I thought we where the good guys... (;

I wear the labels liberals place on us as a badge of honor ;)

I thought it was funny that I predicted that Obama Girl would eventually change sides and sure enough.... ;)

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Wait.. is that the girl from that one debate about democrat women? The one pineapple posted?

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Yeah... I don't have much faith in the intelligence of Brunettes, anymore...

Blondes have more fun, and more brains.

ThePyg(6738) Disputed
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weren't you JUST using the Obama girl as an example for Democrats?


to be honest, though, I think Hillary Clinton has gotten better looking as she's aged. Makes sense; she's become less Liberal over the years.

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So the question is... would you tap that???.............

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That picture is heavily air brushed. There's a reason Bill let an intern go down on him. Hillary looks like crap without makeup ;)

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JakeJ(3255) Disputed
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What!? I like brunettes. Although I'm blond. Does that include me?

So is it a coincidence that you suddenly think shes dumb now because she's turned against your party?

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Pineapple(1449) Disputed
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No, it was just a joke. Although I do believe she's an attention whore.

I actually just got a chance to watch that video. So let me bring you back down to earth, here's what she said, "Look at my jewelry that I designed, I'm mad he didn't contact me, He had a lot to take on, I'm giving him a B- and a little more time, I might vote for him again, and he should have contacted me."

Now all in all, she feels the same way I do about him.

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