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 On a scale of 1 (not random) to 10 (extremely random) how random is this? (7)

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On a scale of 1 (not random) to 10 (extremely random) how random is this?

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It looks like someone is standing on their hands while doing that lol.

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If Joe posts this:

1 Not random

If anyone else posts this:

10 Extremely random

I guess my reputation precedes me ;)

Not sure if we should have ever allowed everyone on the internet ;)

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10 .

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In a debate aspect i would say; what is randomness. All statements or ideals inquired and expressed to another is random. It may not seem that way in an individual mind set. Although any conversation is brought up through someones thought, to the other it's random. In an wtf aspect, it's highly impressive. He's not hitting is legs with one another, that takes a lot of coordination o.O!

Intangible(4933) Clarified
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Really? A lot of coordination? The standards for coordination in society must be very low.

Kite626(714) Clarified
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God yes... not unless it's sped up.... I wouldn't be able to try to do that.