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 Once we perfect genetic engineering, what would you want them to build? (12)

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Once we perfect genetic engineering, what would you want them to build?

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Mankind with the gentleness of a whale, wisdom of an elephant and joy of a sparrow

It almost reminds me of HellNo's picture ;)

joecavalry(40097) Clarified
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Imagine he's wearing a pirate hat ;)

That made me laugh out loud in real life.... last time I read your jokes I was drinking diet cola and spit all over the computer.... thanks joe.... XD

Je voudrais construire un chien et un chat combiné. C'est très amusant.

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You know, you can translate all of this with Google or something. Just in case you want us to know what you are saying.

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It means: I would like to make a dog combined with a cat. It would be really funny.

lol I've taken french since grade-school ;P

I try google. I use the google translate now. Je parle anglais très mal. I wmwrite english okay. Not good. Française est très facile.

LeRoyJames(372) Clarified
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Already been done:

My kids used to love that show. :)

YouLoveKelly(167) Clarified
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This is cartoon. Not real cat and dog combine. Is real one made yet or still working on it?

Octopus Cows.

1 point

Werewolves, human and wolf !

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Well I would like to see some avian humans. That shit would be amazing. Or maybe a person with six arms due to them having spider dna or something.

Organic computers based off of analysis of the genes that create brain tissue would be interesting, I would think. The field of artificial intelligence could be all but abandoned when we have the ability to create computers that have some measure of real intellect, which assuming genetic engineering is truly perfected, we could do and keep at a controlled level just where we want it.

Other applications would be (mostly) replacing the fields of prosthetics, transplants, and transfusions. Cultures (supplied with appropriate nutrients et al) could be designed to grow replacement limbs, organs, or blood using the patients own DNA to ensure compatibility. With sufficient mastery of genetic engineering, all of the medical benefits (almost miracles really) that are possible with fetal stem cells could be possible without having to touch a single fetus. All of these benefits would not only be overall better, but also faster- due to an assurance of compatibility with the patient, eliminating the time needed to find compatible material.