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People seem to inflict the same sins on others that were inflicted on them.


The sins of the father are visited on the son.

One example:

Children who are abused, become abusers.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Many people reach old age and realize that they have become just like one of their parents..., sometimes both.

So..., don't make me turn this debate around and accept the premise..., cause I'm the Dad..., that's why!!! ;)

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This definitely has a strong element of truth to it, as much as I hate anecdotal evidence, my mother used to work in a care unit where the residents were boys aged 11 to 18 who exhibited sexually harmful behaviour. Most of them were also abused as children, their families used them as prostitutes, made porn with them in, raped them, whatever.

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Absolutely true. The percentage of violent criminals who had abusive parents is staggering.

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Are Israelis inflicting similar atrocities (committed on them during WWII) on Palestinians?

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