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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Physical - visual - proof of evolution.

In this video you will see physical and visual proof of evolution.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Can someone now please go and make a video which shows physical proof of God?

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I've never jumped at end times messages, although I had an awareness of end times.

But now is, so you may want to take some time to listen and see for yourself. A closed mind can't see or hear, so if God is trying you reach you, He is knocking, but He will only show you if you open the door!

1 Peter says one day is as 1000 years, and 1000 years as one day. And he says that in context of the Lord is not slack on His promises regarding His return.

If you look at creation story 6 days on the 7th He rested.

Each year represents 1000 years of God's work in the world. Fulfilling prophesies and moving His purpose through time.

We are in year 6000. The 6th day, "day of creation of man"

Cain was marked, his 6th generation had doubled Cain's evil, and had declared vengeance x 70 x 7. Evil and violence grew, man became violent continuously. God said He saw the end of flesh. We are there again!

Then, Noah entered the Ark in his 600th year. Jesus said "it will be just like the days of Noah. "

What we see around us is every indication that we are in it. Jesus was clear what to look for.

If you can't see it, ask God to show you.

Video attached very enjoyable. This guy brings intellect and science into what the Bible says, and presents it all very well.

I ran into this guy's videos over the weekend, he is teaching on everything God has been personally showing me for months.

He also has a series on YouTube - "24 hours to learn the Bible," - insight galore!

This is end times light, things God seems to be opening up. This is not basic teaching, it's rich! It's crazy when God shows you a bunch of things you never saw before in scripture, then see He is randomly showing others you never heard of before, and they are seeing the same things He has been showing you.

This one will hopefully inspire you to watch his 24 hour series. He'll knock your sock off!

You have received a YouTube video!


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Saintnow(3684) Clarified
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You're going off into all this Nephalim stuff if you follow Missler. I've studied a lot of that stuff. It's a mistake to believe that kind of stuff is conclusive. It goes against the Bible which clearly says God made the Heavens and the Earth and all that is in them in six days. The Nephalim stuff is a whole different story.

"Nephalim", or "aliens" or whatever you want to call them are demonic in origin, and the devil is the father of lies. They will present themselves in a falsehood and people who think they know things which are not in the Bible and contradict things in the Bible are being deceived. The whole thing is a deception.

Your pride is being fueled to make you think you have special insight, it's the mistake of people like Missler and Ross and Calvinism. You are following doctrines of men. It's better to look at Missler, while he thinks he knows what he is talking about, and say "I don't know about that, I'll stick with what the Bible says and trust nothing presented by beings which operate against the word of God. You are making the divisions you claim to be against. All your fake modern Bible versions and UFOs, claiming you have special insight and acting like you are on a mission to tell all Christians to follow the people you are following instead of holding fast to the word of God.

You are compromising with evolutionary scientists and with people who believe in aliens. There is no big bang, no billions of years, no gap theory....that stuff is all contrived and all contradicts the Bible. It's better to stick with the Bible. God will not blame anybody for holding to His word and rejecting doctrines of men which seek to add to His revealed word. False teachers will not be innocent.

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Lilymarie(43) Disputed
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No one has physical proof of God. Hence why God calls us to live by faith.

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Indeed. The ongoing and very visible and tangible evolution of life forms like bacteria and viruses are simply two examples of how all living things evolve. Including us. Including all other species of animals. Including flora.

It's pure unadulterated observable science. Period. There IS no alternative theories or even hypotheses in science today.

The only other explanation on how life came to be on this planet comes from the Creationists. In other words, from those who have been indoctrinated and in fact deceived by mythology and superstition. They live in a perpetual and all-encompassing world of denial and fantasy. They have invented gods who actually care about them and help them and offer them a magical afterlife. This is simply the evolved minds's defense mechanism for dealing with the fate of death that awaits us all.

Some people cannot handle that fact. So they invent adult versions of those invisible childhood friends which most of us outgrew.

And to this I say, "fine." So be it.Whatever gets you through the night. It is only when they try to use their superstitions and mythos and disinformation as a replacement for reason and logic and proven science that I take umbrage. And I am not alone. There is a reason that schools do not allow Creationist nonsense in their Biology classes any longer


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Saintnow(3684) Disputed
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Those bacteria did not evolve, they are still bacteria. The did not change into worms or birds.

Talk about living in a delusion...bacteria adapting to changes in the environment proves that your great great grandma was cousin to your common primate ancestor? Where is she now? Planet of the Apes in the Twilight Zone, tweaking bacteria in a culture dish so they turn into chickens and granny uses the eggs to hire ape slave labor?

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SlapShot(2608) Disputed
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Bacteria and viruses evolve all the time, Saint. You know this.

Ask your doctor. Or look it up. Why do you think we have these so-called Super Bugs? They evolve and mutate so as to become resistant to anti-biotics, which have been recklessly over-prescribed by the medical community for decades.

Viruses do the same thing.

Given enough time...long after you and I are gone, they could indeed--and will probably---evolve into a higher life form. Just like we did.

We have documented proof of the evolution of every single life form. As I said in my OP. Just because some of you fail to acknowledge that in no way dismisses the fact. Turning a blind eye does not refute. Or even discredit.

Rather, it discredits the credibility of the person who denies proven scientific theories and observations.

In the Intel circles this would be called "mission blow-back" to your people. That is: unintended and undesirable consequences.




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ironskillet(220) Disputed
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Indeed, the bacteria did not evolve into worms or birds, but given enough time it might evolve into something else. Bateria didn't suddenly go "poof!" into multicellular organisms. Slow changes into multicellular organisms, and so on and so on resulted in the divergence of many species such as worms or birds.

So no, bacteria adapting to changes does not prove phylogenic relationships, but it does prove that allele frequencies change over time, whether due to natural selection or other factors of evolution, supporting the theory of evolution.

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