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 Please post here a list of people who annoy you. (40)

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Please post here a list of people who annoy you.

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Not a specific person I suppose- but if one common activity really irritates me, it's those who try to steer political discussions towards high-tension, high-emotion partisan topics when they're irrelevant to the specific discussion at hand.

For example, discussions about health care, foreign policy, drug/gun law, etc will often turn into an argument about gay rights or abortion. I can only presume steering the conversation towards these topics is an attempt to work with/exploit the emotional side of the audience while simultaneously sabotaging their rationality, reducing the likelihood of ones own extremely position coming under serious scrutiny. Couple of people on here love to do that.

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1) People who are intolerant of other's cultures

2) The Dutch

One of my favorite Michael Cain lines in any movie I have seen.

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Haha, thanks. He's a pretty interesting dude .

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Liberals. Naggers. Racists. Racist, liberal, naggers.

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No one. I get along with everyone fine. :)

Unpatriotic Brits, liberals, left-wing people (yogurt knitting leftie liberals especially), people against gay rights, etc.

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If you are annoyed by both those who oppose gay marriage and those who are liberal, wouldn't people (in general) more often than not annoy you?

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Most people seem to have no opinion either way as most people simply aren't interested in politics and are ambivalent towards gays.

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"People who have ideas that differ from me" Essentially?

Or at least "people who have an ideology that differs from mine".

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I don't necessarily have a problem with people with different ideas. It's just when those different ideas are stupid ones.

Nobody annoys me really. I do believe that I annoy plenty of other people.

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Most, if not all politicians. Once in office these manipulative public representatives clandestinely engage in such treacherous activities as swamping the country with immigrants and at the same time reduce the funding and staffing of immigration control thus ensuring a further uncontrolled flood of illegal immigrants. When the spaghetti hit the fan and they realised that, as well as having imported countless terrorists and drained our public services dry they said, oops, sorry folks, we seem to have made a bit of a jolly old faux pas. Ah well, yawn, fancy popping down to Westminster's subsidized bar for a few G&T;'s old boy?