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 Pro-abortion activist want women to see their fetus as a parasite and have it removed ASAP (8)

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Pro-abortion activist want women to see their fetus as a parasite and have it removed ASAP

Pro-abortion activist

do NOT

want women to get counseling before an abortion.

Pro-abortion activist

prefer that women not be told about the

possible detrimental psychological effects of abortion.

This is NOT a "for VS against" debate.

Read the article.

It's in black and white.

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I get a lot of mileage from abortion debates ;)

I get a lot of mileage on women eventually needing abortions... :p

In all seriousness tho, if every North American woman was raped and impregnated....I wonder how much the pro-life suppot would change....any volunteers men? (It's for it's ok right? [I mean, science = lots of travesties being acceptable]).

AveSatanas(4433) Clarified
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Actually thats wrong. What we should do is add it to the bible. Because any horrible immoral thing is okay as long as God or Jesus said so.

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Abortion is okay if it is rape, incest or when the mother's life is in danger, etc. However, I do not like it when women use it as birth control. It costs government money, and it opens a moral can of worms.

The only reason you think like that is because you are a male. If you were a female you would be singing a different tune ;)

But I agree with you.

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I wouldn't be surprised. Woman always like to feel they have complete control over their bodies. ;)

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Some might see it in that way but most of all abortions are from accidental pregenancies and rape.

There are no accidental pregnancies. Only gambling and losing the bet.