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Makes sense to me. Wait..., what? No!!!
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Proof that God wants us all to be conservatives.

Many Conservatives feel that people should try to figure out their own problems

within the confines of their family, friends and/or church.

You should NOT force a complete stranger to pay your way through life.

Animals are not born with original sin and God doesn't make it any easier on them.

Why should He make it easier for a sinner?

When you pray to God for help, he just rolls His eyes at your

whinny, liberal, ass.

He probably thinks it's funny how

people think He carried them through the hard times

and that's why there's only one set of tracks in the sand.

Makes sense to me.

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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So let's see..., how many groups did I offend with that? 2..., 3? ;)

Side: Makes sense to me.
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More than that I think. But who cares? Haha! Pretty much any Liberal for that matter.

Side: Makes sense to me.
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Makes sense, but khorne will come and end the days of humanity. No pitty, no torture, just brutal slaughter of the world as a tribute to the blood god.

Side: Makes sense to me.
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1) I don't pray to God for help, I pray to Satan to prevent help getting to my opponents or to destroy my obstacles.

2) Conservatives want the government to not give a shit about its economy (economic libertarianism) but want the government to dictate society's behaviour regulations (social fascism).

They are idiots of the finest order rooting their idiocy in their worship of a deity that is by no means worthy of even the worship from a piece of bacteria infested shit.

Satan is the only true lord to worship; the rebel, the adversary and the true spirit of humanity; the selfish destroyer.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
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It all depends on the type of Conservatism. Canadian Conservatives are essentially the American Democratic Party.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!