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True dat. Wait, I don't...
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 True dat. (4)
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Proof that animals evolve to match their environment.

True dat.

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Wait, I don't...

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Well who could argue with that evidents, Joe?

Side: True dat.
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its pretty old. but a favorite. ^_^

Supporting Evidence: The (red?) owl (
Side: True dat.

What do you mean old? I just posted that like 2 days ago ;)

Side: True dat.
1 point

i meant my post. :P the (red?) owl (i call him that) is pretty old. ;)

Side: True dat.
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I don't get it.

Side: Wait, I don't...
Jace(5161) Clarified
1 point

... the stripes on the sign carry up into the coloring on the bird.

Side: True dat.
DrawFour(2662) Clarified
3 points

What bird? Where?

Side: True dat.