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Proof that libs want to destroy America

Trump wants to 
make America great again
Libs hate Trump
because they want to destroy America
by turning it into a socialist country
the proof will come
when they nominate their presidential candidate
which will be a socialist


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Wait..., what? No!

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The question is not are they going to nominate a socialist, the question is how big of a socialist ;)

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excon(17442) Disputed
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The question is not are they going to nominate a socialist, the question is how big of a socialist ;)

Hello joe:

Yeah, socialist.... Scary word - if you're afraid of words. But, let's delve deeper. In the sense that you mean socialist, I'm a socialist too, and so are you.

You're probably fine with the $$ billions of taxpayer money Trump gave away to farmers last summer.. That's as socialistic as you get. You're probably fine with Social Security too. That's socialism. It even says so in its name..

Truth is, you're afraid of Soviet style socialism wherein the government OWNS the means of production.. As a capitalist, I am too. But, that's NOT the kind of socialism Bernie is bringing to the table.. It's the kind of socialism that gives government money away to farmers when they're hungry.. It's the kind of socialism fire departments adhere to when they put out ANYBODY'S fire even if they don't pay taxes...

In fact, Bernie is a raging capitalist just like you and me.. He SELLS books in the free market to earn a living. He OWNS waterfront property. He TRAVELS to and fro on private jets, and he's tickled pink that you WORK for a free market company..

He just doesn't see the difference between a fire burning in your house, and one burning in your body.. I don't either.

Don't be such a fraidy cat.


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Well..., since you put it that way..., maybe I should vote for him ;)

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Exactly! Democrats always deny what they support until they think there are enough voters to come out of closet whether it be the anti gun closet, or socialist closet, etc.

Bernie Sanders, the admitted Socialist is getting more votes than anyone else in the Democrat Party. That says it all!

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Let's see if the libs go full mentally challenged and nominate him ;)

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If, in the unlikely event of the anti-American screwballs in the Democrat Party were to be successful at the next election and turned the U.S., into a Nation of socialist losers to which country could the downtrodden American citizens immigrate to escape the Commie induced poverty?

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Elon has it covered. Mars! ;)

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Kilcom(237) Clarified
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Good choice. He could finance the travel arrangements from his lose change.

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