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 Quality debaters unite!!! (30)

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Quality debaters unite!!!

Quality debaters wanted:

There's a movement afoot to improve the quality of our debates.  If you are one of those like minded individuals, and would like to participate in this endevour, please go here:

and talk to atypican, TheAshman, or IchthysSaves in order to get started.  But please hurry because LittleMisfit is holding his breath.

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4 points

I think a more successful endeavor would be for the 'Quality Debaters' to get the stick out of their @$$es and join up with the rest of us, LOL!

atypican(4873) Disputed
1 point

OK.... ..Nu uh!

RavenLily(733) Disputed
4 points

Just for the record, it seems a bit presumptuous of you to assume you are one of the 'Quality Debaters' I speak of :)

3 points

"Quality"??? Well, that leaves me out.

atypican(4873) Disputed
1 point

You don't even have an opinion on what makes for a good debate?

Hellno(17724) Disputed
2 points

What's a "good" debate? What's good to me may not seem good to you... People have been bitching about the quality of debates here for years although I don't understand why? I see plenty of decent debates. And if someone doesn't agree then they're welcome to post a quality debate of their choosing.

2 points

Cool beans. I hope they succeed.

Yay!!! No more debates about whether or not men should sit down to pee ;)

joecavalry(40134) Clarified
1 point

If you just come here for the lolz, go here instead: Should mensitdownto_pee

and debate like minded people who are more on your level ;)

Very Intellectual Conversation :-)

atypican(4873) Disputed
1 point

Actually, by raising awareness about what makes for effective argumentation, we may finally reach consensus on the ..ahem..side-splittingly hilarious controversy about whether or not men should pee standing up.

I said "I'm not holding my breath." Come on Joe, if you want to improve the quality of the debates you should at least pay attention to what I wrote :)

People are not looking for accuracy, they are looking for entertainment ;)

That's why the news is all hype and very little content. It sounds more dramatic and urgent to state that you are holding you breath until someone joins. People want to find out how long before you pass out ;)

LittleMisfit(1745) Clarified
1 point

Ok, I'll start holding it now. If you don't hear from me in a while it's probably because I passed out and died. I'll leave a note for whomever finds my body telling them it was your fault :)

Explorer(187) Disputed
1 point

Well, did the site get better before I got here or worse?

LittleMisfit(1745) Clarified
1 point

This site was completely overrun with trolls before you got here. They seem to have settled down some, but the quality of the debates on this site is still severely lacking and there just aren't enough people on the site to provide a wide variety of views, in my opinion.

1 point

Well, did the site get better before I joined or worse? Also, dupe.

1 point

You quality newbz