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Chuck can do anything he wants What a nut!
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Should Chuck Noris be president of texas?

Chuck can do anything he wants

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What a nut!

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Well, first he's got to get Texas as it's own country. I'm sure he could just kick the border, or something, but there's some preparation needed to become President.

That could start a domino effect of states leaving the Union. I wonder if that would make it better or worse...

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chuck norris will kill u if u piss him off respect chuck norris


Side: Chuck can do anything he wants
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You mean Governor of Texas? Frankly, I don't care. I never plan on living in Texas. It kind've sucks there.

Side: Chuck can do anything he wants

No, I mean president. He would make Texas secede from the union. ;)

Side: Chuck can do anything he wants
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Ha, I would hate to run against him! I live in Texas by the way.

Side: Chuck can do anything he wants

Umm there's not really a president of Texas, my friends. Sorry to disappoint. And what is the deal with all of these Chuck Norris debates? He SUCKS

Side: What a nut!

You need to click where it says "President ... of" and read the article in order to make any sense of this debate.

Side: What a nut!
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Um if there were a president of Texas ... even then that statement makes no sense at all. So lets say that Texas breaks away from the US, and Chuck Norris runs for president. ( all of which is ludicrous ) who the hell would vote for him. Incase all of you have forgotten Chuck Norris jokes are not exactly the talk of the town once you get above 16. sure there is a handfull ( and it seems like they are all on this website >.> ) but not enough to win an election.

Side: What a nut!
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Both categories are valid. But him being completely insane trumps him being president of Texas.

But Texas is a weird place, nuts if you will. And that's fine, it takes all kinds. I could both see them deciding to make themselves their own country, and then electing Chuck Noris.

Kind of off the initial subject, I wonder how long it would take for Texas, no longer reigned in by the sanity provided by the majority of the country, to become an official religious state, bring back witchhunts, and invade Mexico calling it a "crusade."

Yeah, nuts
Side: What a nut!