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Yes. We should also make the Sweet Home the capital of Alabama.

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"It's the center of the States"

It's not and they even stated that, thus no reasoning in mentioning that as a reason. Why not move the capital to Missouri based off that same reason?

"It would be a massive stimulus project."

Not to mention the economic drain it'd cause. They mention all the jobs that it would open. Don't get me wrong that's a great thing, but what surety would we have that those jobs would be filled by Americans? It's very common for big organizations to hire cheap out of country labor in lieu of Americans who'll complain about rights and benefits.

"It would offer the chance to build the best city possible."

Completely subjective. To some people, namely the residents of the vast grassy farmlands, the idea of big business and and giant city structures is not too welcoming. The article mentions the 'mass transit and walking' yet if things are as spread out as they are in the current capital, these ideas won't be very practical.

"The existing D.C. would probably be better off."

Probably yes, but probably not. As it stands the wealthy are way wealthier than the impoverished but I believe the only thing keeping the impoverished from completely dying off is their importance to keeping the wealthy as they are. It's not a good system but it works. if all of the over payed lobbyists are gone, the dying impoverished will be of no importance to anyone and will be simply left to die off.

Side: No.

We are already in enough national debt and we don't need that much more for such an unnecessary project.

Side: No.
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Why would we want to ruin a great, conservative state like Nebraska by moving the capital there. Too many liberals would arrive and start screwing it up. On the bright side, Virginia would go back to being reliably Republican again. No, the best idea is to move the capital to Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota.

Side: No.

No, but its a good place to put military bases and factories. Nobody could bomb them and it's a long way to go to take them out by tank.

Side: No.

I like the Nation's Capital right where it is with all of those beautiful cherry blossoms.

Side: No.