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It's for the children Wait..., what? No!!!
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Should parents have ANY rights to their children or are the rights reserved for the state

Under the guise of protecting the rights of disabled people, a United Nations treaty (Treaty 112-7) which could seriously curtail Americans’ liberty has been submitted to the United States Senate for approval and ratification.
According to a senate press release announcing bipartisan support of the treaty, The United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities “will recognize the fundamental values of non-discrimination and equal access for persons with disabilities in all areas of life.” However, the treaty also removes the rights of parents of disabled children to make decisions for their children’s welfare and, if ratified, will place the United States’ government in subjection to United Nations regulations.
In an action alert Michael Ferris, President of, points out that this treaty will not only apply international disability law to the United States – effectually removing any individual state controls of disability law – but will also give the UN authority “to determine the legitimacy and lawfulness of the United States budget” and to require that US funds be given to support disabilities programs in less wealthy nations. Moreover, in ratifying this treaty, our government will not only be handing state and local government rights to the UN, but they will also, in effect, allow the UN to dictate disability compliance to private businesses, organizations, and persons.
In view of this and similar attempts to usurp the rights of parents to direct their children’s upbringing and education — most notably, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which would effectually remove the rights of all parents, not only of parents of disabled children — concerned Mississippians sought a constitutional ammendment as a permanant safeguard for the rights of parents.
This spring Mississippi House Speaker Phillip Gunn introduced a bill requesting the US Congress to call a convention in order to add an ammendment to the US constitution to declare that parental liberty is a fundamental right. The bill died in committee before it could come to a vote; however, its message — that parental rights are important to at least some Mississippians — has set the stage, perhaps, for other efforts to protect parental liberties in our state.

It's for the children

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Slowly, but surely, we keep on losing more and more of our freedoms. People that do not believe that a one world government will ever emerge may be deluding themselves. I wouldn't be surprised if the day ever came where people are not allowed to reproduce unless the state sanctions it (based on your genetic makeup) and then takes the child away (for the child's well being) in order to be brought up by the state, not the parents.

But surely I must be babbling about some Orwellian crap and not dealing with reality ;)

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Liberties are stripped away everyday, so some day liberala will have won until they see the monster that they created.

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The state has no rights when it come to my children. Except in the case of abuse, real abuse, and not discipline. (spanking) Anyone coming for my children (who are now grown) would have found a hail storm of bullets coming their way. The state needs to keep its nose out of family business.

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Get a divorce and see how government employees and your average citizen treats your rights to your children ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!