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The child belongs to the state !@#$%^&* No!
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Should schools be in the business of actively helping a teenager get an abortion...


Who do the children belong to; the parents or the state?

Who is responsible for children; the parents or the state?

Who would you expect to have the best interest of a child at heart; the parent or the state?

The child belongs to the state

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!@#$%^&* No!

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I am obviously playing the devils advocate here (a little bit) and I dont belieave that "the child belongs to the state"- but I dont think it is wrong for a person to help the girl get an abortion if she wants it. It would be better if the parents where told about this, but in some cases young becoming mothers are to scared to go to their parents. It is not ideal for a third party to get involved, but when someone is asked (derperatly) to help, I dont feel the person trying to help is in the wrong, even concerning this issue - but like I said, not ideal at all.

And I think the name of this debate is a bit redicioulus. No one was setting up a buisness of helping kids go behind their parents - the people at the clinic offer this as a choice, and like the article says "At any age in the state of Washington, an individual can consent to a termination of pregnancy," Or in other words, it was the choice of the mother, not the school.

Side: The child belongs to the state

The idea of the child belonging to the state is just ridiculous. When are people going to learn that when you continue to give the government more power and control, slowly freedom and personal choice becomes vacant.

Also, it is not entirely the schools fault, yet the parents must be more active in their teenager's life, and while schools want a paternalistic approach towards teenagers, they still don't have the right to actively help a teenager get an abortion without a parent's knowledge and consent especially at 15.

Side: !@#$%^&* No!

Did the girl actually go through with it? If so, she's not pro-life.

I'd be mad if someone gave my daughter an abortion without my knowledge, but if she did go through with the abortion, then she apparently wanted it. The daughter could have easily said "no."

Side: !@#$%^&* No!