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Should selfies be a thing of the past?


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You can argue all you want that you can post an "appropriate selfie." Give me a break. Selfies are a waste of social networking data. They do not contribute any more than taking a picture of what's around you. You could take a picture of the ocean and that contributes just as much value to the social scene as a picture of your tits in a bra, like the girl in the video did.

Don't be STUPID because no one wants to see you in a restaurant randomly with your fellow bros. No one cares. The reason people look at that is psychological. But I'm betting that taking a pic of the restaurant around you, not yourself, could actually contribute more social value. Here is my thinking:

If you take a picture of something funny, or a ciccana 3301 symbol somewhere, or something weird, you've created something worth commenting on... even just in the photo...

You can take a picture of a cool statue, and the selfie portion doesn't do anything to add value to you taking a picture of it... other than it proves you were there...

But people obviously believe you were there. I'm not worried about going to Britain and taking a picture of some famous church in London, and then no one believing I was actually there. And I'm sure other people aren't really that concerned with that either.

I think there's no point in a selfie. Obviously, it should be legal. But still no point. I think the idea comes from some sort of basic human psychological need to see oneself in their FB, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. post. Maybe that's just me though.

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thousandin1(1931) Clarified
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I think there's no point in a selfie.

Why does everything, or anything, necessarily need to have a 'point?'

I think the world would be quite a dull and miserable place indeed if anything considered pointless by anyone was ended and left in the past.

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ghostheadX(1105) Clarified
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Alright, but think about it:

Video games have no point. Okay, but I can see why that's fun. Going to an amusement park has no point. Okay, I can also see why that's fun.

Now, taking a selfie I believe is something that nature took advantage of. I think people make up to themselves that that's fun. If a girl wants to pose in front of a camera, she can be a model. What you saw the girl in the video doing probably was only fun for evolutionary purposes. I sometimes agree with nature, but I think what she was doing was ridiculous.

I also think that selfies increase risks of being tracked by someone. I think she was doing that because of the evolutionary need to show off in front of a potential mate, which exists even after she has one.

Now, obviously she tells herself that's "fun" because that's how nature made her. But there's no actual "fun" that I can see in doing that. I'm not trying to be mean, and I don't know much about girls so maybe I'm wrong, but I think that sometimes one can be a little "too healthy."

I believe in good health, but I think there's this psychological need to show off. And I think people act based on that online. Look, I'm in full support of weird fun. Its just that I think no one actually finds it fun for any reason other than they want to show off. I've seen people post pix of themselves on top of the empire state building.

And I'm not saying it isn't fun on occasion. I'm saying that somehow this is so fucking ridiculously fun... that every other post is a selfie of someone at McDonalds or in the bathroom. And I think it grows out of the evolutionary psychology behind the occasional pix of someone winning a prize at Cony Island.

And I think that one moment of prize winning, from being posted online, creates this deep evolutionary subconscious idea that it gives social status. And I think that ability to show off, via the internet, generates a need to feed this newly created need to show off. And I think the mind now has a way of implementing this, thus what we saw in the video.

I think the comparison to a chimpanzee was right.

Thus, I find it boring and pointless to take selfies.

I hope I'm not going on with too much speech, but I think it's not just pointless. It's also boring. The fun is just how our evolutionary subconscious-es justify it to us as human beings.

I never take selfies anymore. The internet is a wonderful resource and there are wonderful pictures to be posted that aren't. There is a wonderful set of tools for information and communication and I don't waste that on selfies. There are better ways to gain status. Selfies are overdone and don't really work, unless only used on occasion of achievement or some awesome event. But this is not the majority of selfies.

I personally, never do selfies because I think they are stupid and not fun. Maybe I'm just being arrogant, but I'm going to tell you straight up that that's what I believe.

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Oh, and I'd like to add on to that. I think the girls taking pics of themselves in bikinis in sexy positions, is simply from the human need to attract and impress mates, which exists psychologically even when they have one. And I think the same thing of any guy that does the same thing. I think there is different reasoning for different types of selfies exist, but that's the only one I can come up with a specific theory on. Maybe I just haven't thought too hard on it.

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Aren't all photographs of the past?

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But your lame sense of humor should be.

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If someone wants to take a picture of themselves, then let them take a picture of themselves. Many social networking sites require a profile picture to be displayed so sometimes it is necessary to take and use a selfie for the profile picture. I, for one, take selfies for display purposes and not for 'fun'.

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It's not like the self portrait is new, just easier to do. I've yet to do one, but I don't at all freak out or roll my eys when I see them. There are far more important things to get one's panties in a bunch over.

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Look at the dopey people taking photos of themselves. Sign me up. It is one of the funniest things to watch. The faces and contortions they do to take that shot is great. Let them pose for my amusement.

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