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Stupid people should die off Let the stupid people live
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Should stupid people die off to unburden the smart people?

Let zebras represent the American people.
Let lions represent the old health care system before Obamacare.
Let a tall fence, separating the zebras from the lions, represent Obamacare.

Now..., it used to be that the lions would pick off the weak zebras thus making the zebra herd stronger.  But with the new fence, the weak zebras get to live longer and the zebra herd as a whole is weaker.

In other words, under the old health care system, stupid people could not get a high paying job and thus couldn't afford health care and subsequently died off leaving the smarter Americans behind and insuring a stronger America.

Obamacare forces smart Americans to work that much harder in order to take care of the weak and thus making it more dificult for America to stay competitive in the world.

It is a well known fact that stupid people breed faster than smart people and it may be the case that the number of stupid people have finally surpased the number of smart people in America.  If this is the case, then Obama will win a re-election.  But if that's not the case, Mit will win and he'll overturn Obamacare.

Stupid people should die off

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Let the stupid people live

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that requires to kill all religious people, especially creatards .

Side: Stupid people should die off

I want to be unburdened ;)

Side: Stupid people should die off
Emperor(1348) Disputed
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How do you define stupid?

Romney is a hardcore Christian with several insane beliefs and practices.

I think his religion is false, a silly tale filled with violence and hate and lines that encourage oppression.

I want to have freedom.

I want gays to marry, I want to be able to start a business, but if it fails and I get hurt, it'd be nice to have healthcare so that I can live to try again.

If human life is worthless, then why not continue having war, letting all the stupid, unguided teens die?

To me, being stupid is being ignorant.

Does having a bad test grade in school mean you're stupid?

What if you have lots of money? Can you be stupid if you're rich?

Are smart people rich, or are smart people scientists without much money or funding?

Are smart people common, or are they misfits in society who other, more normal, mainstream people judge lower than them until they prove themselves?

I do not like stupidity and ignorance, and although I'd like less stupid people, it is difficult to define stupid.

To group people into a group called "Stupid" would be very difficult.

Side: Stupid people should die off

It really doesn't matter how you define stupidity. As long as people start dying off and the world's population drops considerably and puts a dent in rush hour traffic so I have a nice commute ;)

Side: Stupid people should die off
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If you arrogate the right to sentence to death "stupid people", then you are not smart. And by "smart" i surely dont think to a guy who graduated in Harvard flying colors. I think to people living together, in an active way. Does anyone of you know Socrate? He said he knew he didnt know. What's smarter than this?

Side: Let the stupid people live
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If stupid people die off, who will we have to laugh at ?

Side: Let the stupid people live
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Okay, personally I'm glad you others guys aren't going for a presidency.

Everyone is equal smart or not. We need both, although there are some people who literally do not get off the asses all day and they don't have health problems apart from addictions, if they weren't here the world would be a lot better especially because the government spend so much getting them to work and believe me they don't work at all when they are at the place the councils send them. My uncle works there are he says they don't do anything.

Side: Let the stupid people live