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Should the Minimum Wage be Increased to $10.10?


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1010 is like LOLO

Leprechauns Only Lap-dance Once

Similar to this minimum wage it's probably never going to happen but it's a nice thought...

I mean...

Oh fuck it I want a little ginger guy to rip his green outfit off and butt-rape me!


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yes, but every other pay wage should be increased just as much. as far as inflation, we are all getting fucked.

but when it comes to minimum wage, not all crappy jobs deserve as much as each other.

should the guy that flips burgers make as much as the guy that risks his life washing windows on some high rise building?

should a restaurant hostess make as much as the dish washer?

certain nonskilled jobs are way worse than others...paying them all the same is ludicrous

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and by the way, that 10.10 increase they are talking about are for FEDERAL JOBS...not mcdonalds/walmart/etc

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Hitler(2364) Disputed
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Minimum applies to all jobs asshole. Who the fuck will serve your obese mother her burgers?

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the $10.10 that just happened to be mentioned is the same number obama is talking about...and it is the MINIMUM WAGE PAY RATE FOR FEDERAL EMPLOYEES...NOT ALL AMERICAN JOBS


listen to the fine print...
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It should be increased to $15. Hard working folks deserve such a raise.

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