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Yeah, we should Wait..., what? No!!!
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Should the U.S. establish and control a world government?

This morning I was thinking, why doesn't the U.S. just establish a world government? The planet seems to want/need a world government so if a world government is going to happen, we might as well be in control of it ;)


Yeah, we should

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I mean, if we were in control, then we can squash this Nationalized Health Care thinking that has taken hold of otherwise sane, rational, logical individuals. I mean, the rest of the world want to force their views on us, I say we do unto them before they do unto us ;)

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kamranw(232) Disputed
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Ha ha! So instead of embracing what 99% of industrialized countries do, lets destroy them so our citizens won't notice the flaw in our system. You know Joe, you give Americans on this website a bad name. If I was to gage American thinking based on you, I would think, Americans are stuck up, ignorant, racist, brainwashed idiots. Thankfully, I know hundreds of Americans who will gladly admit their system is flawed even if they do not agree with ours.

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Oh yeah! Well I think you guys are ignorant, brainwashed idiots that see the world through rose colored glasses, hold hands across America and sign Kumbaya. So there ;)

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dacey(1040) Disputed
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OR if it upsets the Americans so much what the world thinks, then America could keep to themselves,or better still not create a site that invites the world to voice its oppinions.:)Friggin hell,your bloody rap/homie/ hood influence on our kids is bad enough,....:)

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Ouch! You're right. On behalf of all decent Americans, I personally apologize for all that bloody rap/homie/hoodie crap.

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vassilgl(55) Disputed
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You are wrong on so many levels it is astounding.

"if we were in control, then we can squash this Nationalized Health Care thinking"

The national health care push is an internal democratic movement that is supported by the majority of the US congress. Just because there are similar health care models abroad, doesn't mean that its their fault for it or that taking over them will get rid of it.

"the rest of the world want to force their views on us, I say we do unto them before they do unto us"

What exactly are you talking about here? Can you cite any specific examples of how foreign governments have exerted influence on us recently? I think you may have this backwards because in the last 10 years, the US has been exerting far more influence than it has been exerted upon. Like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, where the US, in the most clear fashion, is trying to make their governments like ours. You can even look at the number of English speaking people around the world and especially in Europe. In Europe, English is the most popular language despite the plethora of other languages on the continent and the relative minority of native English speakers.

Clearly the influence you are talking about goes contrary to what you think, and beyond that, a global, Napoleonic/Hitler-esque take over would do nothing to solve any of the problems you are talking about.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!

Well...., you got one thing right.

The national health care push is an internal democratic movement that is supported by the majority of the US congress.

The majority of the people don't want it. ;)

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World Government is Big Government.

Big Government is bad.

World Government is bad.

The last thing we need is the entire human race having to abide to the rules of one government. The American government is slowly turning more and more socialist, and the last thing we need is to eliminate all Capitalist influence by having the American government control everything.

Sure, it would be great if all countries adapted our Constitution, but guess what, world government won't do that. Nothing will, really. People like Socialism and Communism, a lot. People like Censorship and political correctness. People like religious control and elimination of materialism. A world government is only going to let all this bad shit fuck us up the ass, even if we have "America" take over.

And anyway, America needs to go back to its Constitutional roots. Remembering the Bill of Rights, shit like that.

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The world does not think like America. We think like a western society; other places think like African societies or Asian societies. When we first invaded Iraq and took over their government, were the people happy? Not really. Because they didn't want democracy like we thought they did. They were a tribal society and the only thing they thought of was the fact that some of them lost their jobs in the military. That's why they had personal vendettas.

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a world government would not work. in essence a singe nation controlling or heavily political influencing other nations does not work. we are to diverse. Egypt and Syria tried this before. the joint gov was set up in Cairo. the Syrians got made of the place it was set up in and felt the Egyptians were making them a peon. they pretty much were, so the joint gov fell. when Soviet Communist tried to annex Asian provinces and Afghanistan into its nation if ultimately fell due to too many differences that a complete totalitarian gov could not control. so if the most feared gov besides Nazism could not control a diverse group of people and ideologys, how could a free independent democratic nation control each other with out slipping into a totalitarian gov or authoritarian gov which would impede against are democratic values.?

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The beauty of our modern world is the spread of things like global communication,

space exploration, advanced healthcare, and human rights.

We have no right to control anyone else by any means but through persuasion and logic.

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I've tried persuasion and logic. It doesn't work. At least, not for me ;)

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We in no way need a world government. I am Canadian, and no offense i don't think we need non Canadians running our Country. Plus there is a World government already, you may want to look into the World Bank, they have done nothing but ruin the lives of helpless people all over the world. The most recent would be stealing water supplies. This also lead to groups of people having to use polluted excess water left, and burning their entire bodies, from washing and drinking it. Seriously i think people depend on the government to run their lives way to much, we as individuals should be able to run our own lives. I believe we would live better lives being able to control our selves. We in no way are free, we are slaves to the world. We need to get rid of the government.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!

Can you say "Hitler"?! That was exactly his goal and look how that turned out! And no disrespect to Barack, but does anyone really want him in charge of THE WORLD? We're talking the entire planet! 6.3 BILLION people! His approval rate in the US is 46%. If that transfers to the world level, it would turn out to be that over 3 BILLION PEOPLE would be against him! That could cause serious problems for publicity, his family, and most importantly, his SAFTEY! With people like Osama bin Laden in this world, Obama would need much, much more than the 12 secret service guys that he has now.

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