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Seems appripriate. Nah.
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 Seems appripriate. (5)
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Should this be CD's mantra?

Seems appripriate.

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I kind of like this fu-nny one better!! I ain't no chicken, grasshoppa!! :)

Kung Fu-ey On You-ey! :))
Side: Seems appripriate.

You are dating yourself with that Kung-Fu Fighting video..., either that or your parents taught you well ;)

Side: Seems appripriate.
1 point This one is more appropriate. ;)

Side: Seems appripriate.

CD isn't worthy.

Side: Nah.
addltd(5142) Disputed
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I am deeply hurt!

Side: Seems appripriate.
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Sorry I am not a doctor.

Side: Seems appripriate.