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Activist scum! Freedom fighters,
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Should we have a derogatory name for activists?

Things are usually all fine and dandy until some activists pick up a cause to fight for and they stir the pot in order to get get things changed.  They then start with name calling like , "bigot" or some word that ends in, "ist." Maybe it's about time we beat them at their own game, pick up the anti-activist cause, start calling them names, and put an end to their shenanigans.

Activist scum!

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Freedom fighters,

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"In other news, an 'anti-activist' activist group paraded around the streets of Chicago, chanting 'No more Activists!'. Their protests were later deemed a success, after they were gased, tased, and arrested. One activist could be heard yelling 'It's about damn time!' as he was being loaded into a police van".

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Activists are a bunch of normalphobes. ;)

Side: Activist scum!
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Here's the most vile, derogatory name I could find on the internet for activist scum! :)

Activist Scum For Dummies
Side: Activist scum!

Only people without a real job, without anything better to do, can go around the country picketing and supporting stupid causes. They are a bunch of lazys. ;)

Side: Activist scum!

I got it. Westboro Baptist Church Activists are loathed. Maybe we can lump all activists under the WBCA banner ;)

Side: Activist scum!
joecavalry(39793) Clarified
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We can pronounce it, "WeBaCA". ;)

We can call them WeBaCA bastards ;)

Side: Activist scum!

I thought we already had some.





those are just the ones i know of

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I'm against picketing, but I don't know how to show it.

-Mitch Headburg.

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Intangible(4933) Disputed
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Publish it in a newspaper .

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Intangible(4933) Clarified
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You "get" the quote, but it's not clever because there's a simple answer to it. <.<

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They're activating because things aren't fine and dandy as you so quaintly put it. they're activists because things are going terribly, and they've had enough of it.

Side: Freedom fighters,

They are activating because they want someone else to make life easier for them ;)

Side: Freedom fighters,
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And you make it sound like they're too lasy to do that? No, they're protesting about the people in power who are making life harder for them.

Side: Freedom fighters,