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Sure, what could go wrong? Wait..., what? No!!!
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 Sure, what could go wrong? (3)
 Wait..., what? No!!! (1)

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Should we just give Thanos the infinity stones?

Sure, what could go wrong?

Side Score: 3

Wait..., what? No!!!

Side Score: 2
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Lets put it this way, i would personally give everyone of them to him, and kill anyone who tried to stop me, whether he kills me, or spares me, i get what i want.

Side: Sure, what could go wrong?

Yes. Give them to him, and if he ever morphs a reality that you like, kill him.

Side: Sure, what could go wrong?

Yes. People are dumb and their should be less of them. Not to mention that, though extreme, his point of view makes total sense. Less people = less resources used = further longevity of life.

Side: Sure, what could go wrong?
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No. Why should we? Every time I want something there is always someone there to screw it up ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!