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Sorry I don't have more than 1 That's just wrong.
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Should women go around doing this - or - things women do that men love

Sorry I don't have more than 1

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That's just wrong.

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Seriously, how many men have more than one to show?

I bet they did not get to see any due to their grammatical error.

Unless a few men with bad grammar walked by. In which case, they should not be allowed to reproduce ;)

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Maybe Canadians do have more than one? Maybe they have a spare in case one freezes and breaks off? Who the hell knows what really goes on up there. ;)

Side: Sorry I don't have more than 1
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So that's how (cough) justin beiber (cough) avoid puberty (cough) ... :o

(Just kidding don't kill me)

Side: Sorry I don't have more than 1
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Because it is so cold here, and we get all the radioactive pollution from you Yanks, sometimes strange things can happen.

Side: Sorry I don't have more than 1

Although I feel no one should do this, it's disturbing, I feel if the men are doing it the women might as well too.

I'd hate to see it. (The penises that is)

Side: That's just wrong.

Men ask to see the boobs. Boobs are not equal penis - vaginas are equal penises.

Nobody wants anyone to flash vaginas or penises, it's just gross and not a pleasant view.

Side: That's just wrong.

way to go, perfect explanation, boobs aren't equal to penises. male chests are equal to boobs and that's it.

Side: That's just wrong.

I'd love to see a man's chest ;) Especially if he's muscular :)

Side: That's just wrong.