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True Wait..., what? No!!!
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Sometimes I read someone's comment and it makes me feel like Dorothy in the Wiza


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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This is especially true when dealing with liberals ;)

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anachronist(889) Disputed
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Even more so when dealing with neo-liberals


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Oh, those are the worst! ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!

Oh my god, the amount of inane nonsense I see plastered across my facebook feed everyday.

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Oh my god, the mount of inane nonsense I plaster across my facebook feed everyday!

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I'm a liberal and I think I have a brain.

But I suppose there are two sorts of liberals. College age Obama liberals, and the correct definition of liberal, as in desiring freedom and equality, but not a communistic equality, but the acceptance that you should treat all people as being born equal. What accomplishments or failures occur after that is up to them. I believe in human rights and freedom to do as you desire, within bounds, I believe that humans should be able to own property and be entitled to what they've worked for. And of course, free speech is necessary 100%.

I feel that humanity, despite each person being separate in body and mind, should still try to work together for a better world.

I would say I am the second definition.

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Dude!!!! OK..., you're a liberal and..., so far..., your answer is the longest...., I'm just saying ;)

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Emperor(1348) Disputed
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Well, I don't see anything wrong with writing a lot. I simply have a lot to say about a various amount of subjects, along with having a well rounded and educated opinion. If by well educated one means getting straight A's in school, no, I do not do so well in my classes, but if you mean a person who is well cultured, having talked to people from Finland, Germany, India, people from Brazil, China, Japan and many other places, then yes. Not only do I talk to these people but I learn about their culture, and their past cultures, such as ancient Greece, Egypt, Mesoamerica and even cultures within the USA. I also am knowledgeable of computers, knowing a bit about programming, about the internet, about soldering, about circuits and hardware and other areas of technology, not to mention my love of science and nature, including plants and animals and minerals, not to mention the stars and interstellar space. All this has lead to me thinking that freedom and equality are important. I do not think that all people are equal, such as the fact that Asians often do score higher on tests than white people, yet I see no reason as to why that makes any difference. If a person desires to do great things, that person will do great things. From a person in a poor African village who invented electricity to provide light at night using scraps from a science textbook and a bicycle wheel, and a few other spare parts, to Alan Turing, a person who invented the modern computer almost single handedly who was oppressed and chemically castrated for being gay, I feel that freedom of information, liberty to do as you desire within reason and the ability to own property and attain funding from a helpful people's government in order to start a business or invent something, even if you are born poor is something that everyone should have. If that is being liberal, then yes, I am a liberal.

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I liber .

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I actually like facebook because it reminds me why I don't deign to interact with most human beings.

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