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I'm so confused Makes perfect sense
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Square Pizza box - Round Pizza - Triangular Pizza slices


I'm so confused

Side Score: 3

Makes perfect sense

Side Score: 7

I bet that whoever came up with that original concept..., took an arrow to the knee ;)

Side: I'm so confused
Side: I'm so confused
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Now people have just gone too far................................

Side: I'm so confused

I don't always buy pizza..., but when I do..., it's square ;)

Side: Makes perfect sense

I don't always buy circular pizza, but when do, I cut my slices into triangles.

Side: Makes perfect sense

What's wrong with you people ;)

Side: Makes perfect sense

lol i didn't realize at first that buttercup was moving.

Side: Makes perfect sense

The movement is as subtle as the various geometric shapes used when producing pizza ;)

Side: Makes perfect sense
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Would life really be worth living without a little geometric diversity every now and then?

Side: Makes perfect sense

Square boxes= easier to manufacture and assemble.

Round pizza bases= easier to roll out + no burnt corners in a pizza oven.

Triangular slices= easier to pick up and eat

Side: Makes perfect sense