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Suicide bombers are rarely effective in achieving larger goals.

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Well if they are trying to win converts and improve their public image they are failing miserably. Because a forced conversion is no conversion and they certainly aren't endearing themselves to the masses. So what are they trying to accomplish? If its making people hate them and their religion they are doing a good job at it. I'm more persuaded by someone who gives his life than someone who takes life. The first has a stronger conviction and that's persuasive. The second dosn't think his conviction can stand on its own so he has to use force to prop it up. That's not something i'm willing to believe and I wont even if I'm forced to.

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A Suicide bomber can ruin your whole day, which is why they suck ;)

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If "larger goals" means - getting people to side for them or their people - then I would say Yes. definitely. Suicide bombing achieves little or nothing.

Then I think most of them are more in the mindset of Uma Thurman in Kill Bill rather then wanting to get some great peaceful result

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Suicide bombers are essentially political statements, rarely are effective means for achieving larger goals.

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