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(when i mean world, i mean which ever way you take it. It could be the loss of all life forms, or simply the human species. Even the world, etc. )
How exactly do you think the world will end, and why do you see it ending that way. If you believe the religious ending, explain how that prophecy could occur.
My idea:
I think eventually the world will be ruled by 1 county over time. Once that power takes over and leads, there will be everyone else trying to prevent that country. Which also correlates with what i think the third world war will be and why. I think that will be the beginning of the eventual end.
My reasoning:
Every country desires to be prosperous and untouchable, we're naturally competative. The thing about prosperity in one place, is that it causes anothers downfall.
ie: Two people locked in a room, one apple. One person eventually prospers and gains food, while the other one pays the price. It's the same thing in a larger scale. Our species sense the beginning of our existence have prospered and never stopped. Eventually Someone will have it all, and become prosperous. Naturally those who paid the price still naturally desire prosperity, and will fight to obtain it once again. Than a war begins, but a war of the size seems to me to be the beginning of the end.
(I'm not saying i'm right, this is just what my opinion is! i really want to know everyone else's prediction, or explination of a prophecized end.)

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Super Virus kills everything! Final answer.

1 point

What will cause this virus, and why.. ?

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What will cause this virus

I dunno? Mutation and shit... the same way any of this stuff happens.


I don't think there is an answer to that.

Heat-seeking dildo missiles will destroy us all.

Kite626(714) Disputed
1 point

You just proved in that statement that idiocy will be the doom of us .

:D .

dadman(1703) Disputed
1 point

we will destroy ourselves .. man is ever learning .. but never able to come to the knowledge of the truth

dadman(1703) Clarified
1 point

actually .. according to the bible: the world will never end .. although it will go through a cataclysmic dispensational change .. we will first see hostility / apostasy / one-world-religion / one-world-governance / world-wide war / Armageddon and then the return of Jesus Christ as he will literally put down the governments of men and establish a 1000 year reign ..... so no .. the world will not end .. more on this issue

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Kind of what i said in less words .

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Why do we have to debate such depressing shit?

Hellno(17753) Disputed
4 points

"If it isn't really an argument, don't post it."

-Hitler, 1 day ago.

2 points

Ouch.... caught red handed. On the two accounts of; 1. hypocrisy 2. Contradiction. Judged by, HELLNO. Penalty = DEATH

Kite626(714) Clarified
1 point

That's coming from the account, named: "hitler..?" The irony lol, in all honesty i didn't think it was all that depressing just a hypothetical thought. It's kind of hard to debate, "happy" topics. Not everyone will feel all one emotion on a topic.

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You haven't been around much lately so I don't know if you know... that's Prodigee.

Maybe some of the biblical prophecy may come true where a big meteor wipes out most life on Earth. I totes favor this ending.

Kite626(714) Disputed
1 point

I'm disputing your preference lol... If i was to choose a way for the world to come to an end. It would have to be around what i stated. I'd like to be able to fight for my survival before i went.

You can. After this meteor hits there may be some survivors and you have to survive in a desolate world.

the end of "humanity" will be due the aliens currently living underground and among us. soon enough they will have bred enough of us and the mother ship will come to collect their slaves....same thing most likely happened with the dinosaurs

1 point

well well .. let's just see what God has to say about this matter .. Matthew 24 .. Luke 21 .. Revelation 13 . . . this should keep you all busy for a while