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Absolutely Absolutely not
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Teach a person to use the internet and they won't bother you for weeks

This seems to be true.


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Absolutely not

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I haven't heard from my Dad in weeks ;)

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What if they start bothering you on the internet?

Side: Absolutely
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Tell them that's my job!!!! ;)

Side: Absolutely not
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You might want to follow up on that...he might have forgotten eat or something ;)

Side: Absolutely

I saw him last light. He's OK. I gave him a beer ;)

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Ah ha! Thanks for giving me the key to my master plan on how to conquer the entire planet!

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some people will bother you more talking about things thy learn on the Internet that thy think that you don't already know

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Teach a person to use the internet and in 2 hours you'll have to teach them how do to something else pertaining to the internet and so on and so on.

(My grandma)

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