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 Tell us one of your most embarrassing stories. (28)

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Tell us one of your most embarrassing stories.

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OMG, never thought I'd ever end up having to go to court in L.A.

I'm gonna be honest, it's really embarrassing so I probably shouldn't say too much.

I'll give you guys a hint. It has to do with what appeared to be a really sad looking girl that I saw while driving and a really big misunderstanding that happened because of a really thick accent and the fact that I'm practically deaf. It's literally impossible to be a nice person in LA.

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I used to work for the coroner's office. I got a call to pick up a stiff at a hotel. I show up and the body is on the bed, covered by a sheet. Only problem is that it had a hard on. Now I couldn't take it through the hotel lobby like that, so I went into the hallway and found the janitors closet and grabbed a broom. I went back into the room and gave it a good whack. That's when I discovered that I was in the wrong room.

blantsimonet(2) Clarified
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that and most importantly how to get out of this situation

Grugore(856) Clarified
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That was easy. I hit him in the balls with the broom and ran away.

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That's when I discovered that I was in the wrong room.

Hello G:

That cracked me up.


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Tell us one of your most embarrassing stories.

Hello Joe:

There I was, at a private party at the Playboy Club in Denver. I was putting the moves on a particularly beautiful bunny.. To say the least, I was thrilled when she handed me a napkin with her phone number on it..

So, I called..

She was gushing, and was equally thrilled that I called her.. We made a date.. I couldn't wait. When she opened the door, you could SEE the disappointment on her face.. Clearly, she thought I was somebody else..

It was the worst - the WORST.


outlaw60(15368) Disputed
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SUPER STUPID comes up with INSANE STORY that does not have any EVIDENCE to backup the LIE the BUZZFEED BOY just told ! By the way folks the RESIDENT IDIOT does not know it spent time in the China Sea during it's false tour in Vietnam. SUPER STUPID and IRON EYES Phillips have one thing in common they are both LIARS !!!!!!!!!

excon(18261) Disputed
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SUPER STUPID comes up with INSANE STORY that does not have any EVIDENCE to backup

Hello poochy boy:

Dude! It's a STORY, NOT a report.. Stories don't HAVE evidence.. You really ARE fucked up.. But, PLEASE don't go anywhere.. You are the BEST thing the left has going..

Bwa, ha ha ha ha .


I saw a friend of mine walking to school so I picked her up. She had a paper bag with her which she put on the floor by her feet but she was acting all nervous and that made me nervous too. So I asked her, "What's in the bag?" And she said, "What's it to you?" Anyway, to make a long story short (my wife is calling me to go walk the dogs with her) we got into a big fight with me screaming, "WHAT'S IN THE BAG" and her screaming "WHAT'S IT TO YOU?" So I pulled over and told her to get the hell out of my car. She slammed the door as she quickly got out but not before looking over shoulder as if she was checking to see if we were being followed??? I was really mad by this time (Hell, I'm getting angry just retelling this story!) and I burned rubber as I pulled away from the curb and back into traffic. It wasn't until I was almost to school that I noticed that she had forgotten the bag. The embarrassing part was when I had to face her again in class and give her her bag back. To this day I cannot understand why it was so hard for her to understand that she had put me in an awkward situation. She never even apologized or anything. Nothing! Our friendship fell apart because of it. I'll finish this later, I have to go walk the pups.

BigOats(1449) Clarified
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The following questions remain unanswered:


2. Why was it so important for you to know what was in the bag?

Perhaps a Senate comission could help establish the truth of the matter.