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Yeah, damn it! Wait..., What? No!
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The U.S. has a Bill of Rights but what we really need is a Bill of Wrongs

So many people are so focused (and confused) about their "Rights" that they need a list of things that are just flat out wrong.... just to make sure people realize that NOT EVERYTHING is a Right ;)

Yeah, damn it!

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Wait..., What? No!

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It's 1:30 AM and I thought about this and I figured I'd put it out there to see what people think about the ramblings of the subconscious of an insomniac ;)

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The problem with this scenario is that some people are so pathetic they have to be told what is wrong. It is a fantastic idea but why should some of us have to tell someone it isn't right,it would be much better if we could just teach common sense.Our ancestors survived without entitlements.

If it was only as easy as telling them I'd be all for it.

How would your bill of wrongs look?

Side: Wait..., What? No!

I completely agree with you.

How would your bill of wrongs look?

3 words. Long as hell. It's impossible to tell everyone everything that is wrong, on a piece of paper.

There is a doctor that is suing a restaurant because they didn't tell him how to eat an artichoke. What has this world come to???

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There is a thing called common sense. I'm sure plenty of people probably don't know what that is. It has become nearly obsolete. If you teach children the right thing to do, and scold them when they do something wrong, then there is no purpose for a Bill of Wrongs. When I say scold I don't mean to put them in a corner for 5 minutes, give them a whooping. I know people consider that child abuse, but I was whooped, as were many generations before me, and I consider myself to be very well behaved.

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Unfortunately, there is a form of bill of wrongs, that is all the statutory laws passed by states and Congress.

Remember, the Bill of Rights protects our rights from government abuse, but all other laws are the bill of wrongs.

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If there was a "Bill of Wrongs", it would be really long. There are too many things that are considered wrong.

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