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 The first lady is being replaced by an immigrant! (16)

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The first lady is being replaced by an immigrant!

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4 points

WTF, this is exactly the kind of crap that Trump said he was going to put an end to! ;)

jolie(9810) Clarified
2 points

The struggle is real ;)

I think there is a vast difference between an immigrant and an illegal immigrant.

Illegal means, contrary to, or forbidden by law.

Therefore, illegal immigrants are, by definition, criminals.

The same criminals which the Lord Mayor of New York has vowed to support and help to remain elusive to the duly appointed law enforcement officers.

America consists of immigrants and the descendents of immigrants .

People like Mrs, Trump, who submitted themselves to the nation's immigration regulations and procedures for consideration.

Not the illegal criminals who do not, and indeed cannot pay their just and lawful taxes as they must work anonymously in the black economy.

It's frightening that the Lord Mayor of the United States of America is giving succour to criminals.

2 points

To be fair, there isn't much he says he's against that he doesn't already have or do himself. His wife is an immigrant, his hotels bath towels are made in China and many of his hotel workers are immigrants. He may say he's against quite a bit but his actions tend to show otherwise.

2 points

Then why don't the protesters just sit down, watch Netflix and chill ;)

Mint_tea(4641) Clarified
1 point

Or at least read a book! There's a lot of good ones out there, ya know?

Michelle and the left are all about immigrants and immigration, so they should welcome Melania with open arms.

Melania is a gross copy cat

2 points

What did she copy?

1 point

Michelle's speech

outlaw60(15368) Disputed
1 point

Why is it you are such a racist ? You hate white people ?

1 point

To be fair, it isn't that Trump is against ALL immigrants, he's against all the immigrants he doesn't personally benefit from, which is most. But the ones he gets to sleep with or who are cheap labor for his businesses he fully supports.