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Is that the only problem? Wait..., what? No!!!
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 Is that the only problem? (2)
 Wait..., what? No!!! (6)

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The problem with porn...

The problem with porn is that all of the stories are contrived.  Nothing like that has ever happened to me.

Is that the only problem?

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Wait..., what? No!!!

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Not only that but it gives people the wrong impression as to how long it takes a plumber to get to your house ;)

Side: Is that the only problem?

Agreed. I was watching 'School of Cock' the other day, and I noticed that it was suspiciously similar to a Jack Black film I've seen before...

Porn writers these days just rip off other movies. What ever happened to the days of rich, meaningful pornos with deeper hidden messages about the nature of human existence?

Side: Is that the only problem?
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The answer is simple. You're watching the wrong porn. You could be watching the MILF BBW next door type of porn in which case yes your life can have it happen. But by watching instead the shemale midget twin felching porn you've set the bar too high for your life to keep up with it.

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
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Yeah, that MILF BBW next door is contrived. ;)

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!
Grenache(6058) Clarified
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Well, at least you didn't think shemale midget twins felching was contrived.

Side: Is that the only problem?
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I kind of feel like you can't really speak for all people. Some hot people probably do have really hot sex that is comparable to porn. Then there are other people, let's say fat people, where their sex is nothing like porn. Either way how the hell do people know what's happening when other people are having sex? are they watching them with telescope?

Side: Wait..., what? No!!!