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True. Wait..., what? No!!!
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The recommended age to own an Ouija board is 8+ years.

you have to be 21 to drink alcohol
but only 8 years old to summon the devil.


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Wait..., what? No!!!

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I don't even know how this is a debate but..., still..., 8 years old? Really?

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I hate to have to point this out to you so late in life but.... the devil is a fictional character. .

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Right. That's because the odds of them summoning the devil are no better than the odds of them getting a medical license by playing Operation.

Yet, I'll confess I've always found Ouija boards creepy. Just to feel better about it we're not going to have one in my house.

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Jared: Sanguis....bipimus....corpus....epidmus...Aaaaaave....Satani.

knock knock knock

Mom: You've been in your room for awhile Jared. We've talked about how little boys shouldn't play with themselves.

Jared: Gross, mom! I just wanted to talk to me friend, Satan.

Mom: Oh well excuse me. Is he joining us for dinner again?

Jared: No. We just had fresh goat.

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The Ouija board is a kid's game based on superstition and is comprised of cheap plastic and cardboard.

It is as effective as summoning Hasatan as is a Monopoly Board. Or a Backgammon game.

Actually--come to t'ink of it: A Monopoly Board would have a better chance at getting ol' Lucifer to come-a-callin'.

Why do I say this?

Easy. Cuz we know Money is da root of all Evil.

The alleged movements of the Planchette are caused by what psychologists call the "neuro-motor response."

That is to say, in layman's terms: your unconscious hand movements based on an innate desire for thrills.

When I was in my early teens once and began to get fed-up with the Catholic Church and its indoctrination, and was taking my initial steps on the Path to Enlightenment (read: Atheism), I once challenged god to come at me by throwing a bible in the toilet. (an act that earned me a spanking from my Mom.)

Guess what?

No God came to admonish me.

And no Devil, to congratulate or High Five me.


Neither of them exist.



Hope this helps.


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