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Yeah, why is that? Nope. Hadn't noticed.
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There are "rights" for the needy but no one talks about the "rights" of the able bodies

Smart people are able to accumulate wealth by doing things that benefit them but that also benefits other people. But they will not waste their money on things that do not help them make money.  But why should they?  They are not under any obligation to provide their time, energy and money to other people at their own expense.  Forcing the able bodied to provide for those who are less able is like forcing someone to live his life for the sake of someone else.  In other words, those who are better off are being punished for being better off.  Imagine if you had to work a certain number of months during the course of the year just so that someone less able than you can have a better life.  You would be happier if you were to volunteer but not if you were forced.  And what if the successful people decided that they would rather not be so successful so that they can leech of whoever was more successful than they.  Then the standard of living of everyone would go down.

Yeah, why is that?

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Nope. Hadn't noticed.

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Why is it that if you are successful people look at you with scorn and contempt?

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Darn, I've never looked at anyone like that Joe. If you're successful I think it's great. Maybe because so many people struggle to make ends meet and they see it as easy when a person has all the things they wish they had but don't. I don't know...that's a tough call for me because even though I don't have it I would never begrudge someone who does.

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You know, if people where more thankful, that's one thing. But they act as though it is their right and that they are entitled to it.

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It would seem the rights of able bodies people are built into the system whereas the rights of the needy are not and they're not thought of until someone or some group brings it to the fore.

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But these so called "rights" of the "needy" directly impact the able bodies where as the opposite is not the case.

For example, the able bodies have a right not to be discriminated against when they apply for a job (does not affect the needy). The needy claim they have a right on the wages of the able bodies (this directly affects the able bodies).

The "needy" claim that the able bodies are a bunch of greedy SOBs and that's why they have a "right" to the able bodies' wages. But there's no evidence to support this. Also, there's little oversight as to whether a person is really "needy' and deserving of the able bodies' wages.

It's a deplorable system that punishes the able bodies for being able.

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phuqster(123) Disputed
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"The "needy" claim that the able bodies are a bunch of greedy SOBs and that's why they have a "right" to the able bodies' wages. "

Says who. Lots of "claims" going on with little in the way of proof. I put it to you that the benefits offered to the "needy" were more likely put forward by "able" people who actually just give a shit about others.

"But there's no evidence to support this. "

Oh, OK so make a wild statement, then quietly add that it's unprovable.

"It's a deplorable system that punishes the able bodies for being able."

WHAT? No. How is helping out people who need it deplorable? Quite the opposite, it is admirable that society helps those who need it. I don't feel like I'm being punished, especially as I'm paying the same small contribution as everyone else.

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by that same logic, why have roads, cops, fire departments, and military?

I mean, just bill gate and a few others can afford that stuff.

You know what, I agree Joe, you should move your entire family to an island somewhere, and stop suckling Uncle Sam's nip.

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That's the point. I'm not. But I have to pay for it ;)

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