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 This woman cannot get out of bed, so why not reduce her caloric intake? (6)

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This woman cannot get out of bed, so why not reduce her caloric intake?

The people who feed this woman are terrible people.

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Normal body function does not produce proportions like that.

Dropping that kind of fat won't happen on calorie restrictions alone; if fed at her BMR, I expect she would continue to GAIN fat due to hormone issues, meanwhile losing lean muscle and water mass. If fed below her BMR, she may not put on more fat, but she's likely to literally starve to death while still carrying a ton of it.

I could get behind reducing her caloric intake for economical reasons, but not as a treatment for her condition; that just isn't happening without surgical intervention and most likely hormone therapy as well.

I wonder who wipes her ass ;)

Quadruple Ass Cheeks. 0.o

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I don't even...

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Why bother at this point? I say to own it and lean into it. Once you get there, go for the record. How awesome would it be to the first person to have a personal gravitational orbit around them?

How does someone get that fat?